Quiana Lynell

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Quiana Lynell, certified southern girl, infuses her classical training and gospel upbringing with her love for jazz. Embracing her four-octave range, she is able to perform a limitless repertoire.  Her style, Jazz, Classical, Soul and Funk, or as she has coined “Jazzicalsufunk,” has been described as nothing you have ever heard. She is creating a stir in the local music circles performing with the likes of Delfeayo Marsalis, Irvin Mayfield, Herlin Riley, Mike Esneault, and Roderick Paulin becoming known as the “velvet voice”.   Sharing the stage with The Lush Life, a band comprised of some of the country’s most stand out performers in Jazz, Brass, and Funk they consistently bring an impressive show.  Whether they are traveling light with just a trio or the full 8-piece band the groove is definitely tight, creating an experience unparalleled by any other. The audience is taken on a journey of Love developed intricately by Quiana’s mini vignettes that erupt mid-song, as her style lends to tell a story through song.  Her personality shines through as she delves into the true meaning of well-known songs and exposes hidden tips and secrets to true happiness.  Captivating the audience with her voice her smile lights the way, as she shares with you her soul through song. Each performance is slightly different as the performance is tailored specifically for the audience at hand. You are guaranteed to leave with a smile and new perspective on one of life’s trials as you experience the Lush Life with Quiana Lynell.


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